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Probate & Estate Administration

If you have lost a loved one, you may not know what comes next. Probate refers to the way in which someone's property is distributed after his or her death. Colorado's probate system is well structured, but that doesn't mean you should navigate it alone. I can guide you through the steps involved in probate after the someone's death without charging a fortune. My probate and estate administration practice includes:   

  • Claims against or by the estate: Including presentment, enforcement, and withdrawal of claims.
  • Determination of heirs: Including simultaneous death, adopted children, and after born children.
  • Determination of testacy or intestacy: Including validity of wills due to fraud or undue influence. 
  • Foreign Wills and Foreign Representatives: Including choice of law and Uniform International Wills Act issues. 
  • Guardianship & Conservatorship: Including guardianship of minors, incapacitated persons, and others. 
  • Income Tax Returns for Decedent and Estate: Including filing requirements, allocation between trust and beneficiaries, and taxation of simple trusts. 
  • Inventory, Discovery, and Appraisal of Assets: Including classification of property, transfers in trust, and appraisals. 
  • Lapsed, void, adeemed, and abated devises: Including interest in securities, destruction, disposition, and change of character. 
  • Letters of Administration: Including formal and informal proceedings.
  • Letters Testamentary: Including formal and informal proceedings.
  • Probate: Including contested probate, delayed probate, and probate of missing, lost, or destroyed wills
  • Removal of fiduciaries: Including misconduct and recovery from personal representative. 
  • Reopening of estates
  • Spousal Election: Including omitted spouse, disclaimers, and effect of contract to will with third party. 
  • Successor Representatives: Including duties of retiring and successor representatives. 

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