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Family Law Appeals

Family Law Appeals

In the United States, the Constitution grants us the fundamental right to due process, which includes the right to appeal court decisions in family law cases. If your family law hearing did not yield the desired outcome, you have the right to appeal, if there are valid grounds for doing so. It's essential to understand that a family law appeal differs from a new trial and does not permit the introduction of fresh evidence.

Family law appeals in Colorado are restricted to specific situations and primarily revolve around legal errors rather than reevaluating the case's facts. During a family law appeal, an appellate court carefully reviews the trial court's decision to identify significant errors related to the application of the law or procedural matters.

The party initiating the family law appeal is known as the appellant, while the opposing party is called the appellee. To commence the appeal process, the appellant files a notice of appeal, initiating a series of written briefs that present both factual and legal arguments supporting the request to reverse or modify the trial court's decision.

Common grounds for family law appeals in Colorado include failure to make sufficient factual findings, serious errors of law, and abuse of discretion. 

Upon careful consideration of an appeal, the appellate court in family law cases may uphold the trial court's decision, reverse it, remand the case for reconsideration, or modify it. The court may also dismiss an appeal based on procedural issues.

Given the complexities involved in family law appeals, seeking assistance from a knowledgeable family law appeals attorney in Colorado is vital. If you are contemplating appealing the outcome of your family law case, I possess the expertise and resources to guide you through the process. Please do not hesitate to contact me today by completing the online form or calling us at 720-689-3567 to schedule a consultation and explore your available options.

It is important that you contact my firm right away if you are considering an appeal. Appeals have very strict deadlines. 

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