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About Matthew Bradley

Meet Matthew Bradley, a distinguished attorney with an impressive academic background and a passion for the law. Matthew's journey began at Colorado Christian University, where he excelled academically and graduated maga cum laude, earning degrees in Accounting and Business Management. Building on his strong foundation, he pursued his legal education at Notre Dame Law School.

During his time at Notre Dame, Matthew demonstrated his commitment to the legal field by actively participating in various roles. He gained valuable experience at the Notre Dame Law School Clinic, where he advocated for clients in disputes with the IRS and appeared before the United States Tax Court. Additionally, his exceptional skills in legal research and writing led him to serve as the Executive Managing Editor of the prestigious Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy. 

Matthew's dedication to understanding the intricacies of the legal system extended beyond the classroom. He seized opportunities to intern with respected judges, including Judge David Furman of the Colorado Court of Appeals and Judge Damon Leichty of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. 

Following his graduation from law school, Matthew had the honor of working as a law clerk for Chief Justice Nathan B. Coats of the Colorado Supreme Court. Then, Matthew practiced appellate law, family law, and probate law in private practice. 

In 2021, Matthew was appointed to serve as a District Court Magistrate Judge for Colorado's 13th Judicial District (the largest district in Colorado by geographic size). He still serves primarily in that role, and he has presided over more than 2,500 hearings. While he primarily handles family law and criminal matters, he has worked on a wide range of matters (from child support modification to murder in the first degree). Because Matthew primarily serves as a judicial officer, he has cut back significantly on his private practice work. However, due to his role on the bench, Matthew does not accept any cases from the 13th Judicial District (Logan, Morgan, Yuma, Phillips, Washington, and Sedgewick counties). 

Matthew also serves as a Vice President for the Colorado Bar Association. As a member of both the Colorado Bar Association and Denver Bar Association, Matthew Bradley is well-established in the legal community and represents clients in courts across Colorado (other than the 13th Judicial District). 

Beyond his professional achievements, Matthew finds joy in exploring the beauty of Colorado, indulging in his passion for Notre Dame sports, and embarking on thrilling adventures. 

If you seek an attorney who is not only highly skilled but also deeply invested in your legal success, look no further than Matthew Bradley. Contact him today to secure trusted counsel for your legal needs.

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