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The Law Office of Matthew Bradley, LLC was born out of the simple idea that you shouldn't have to step back in time to the 1980s to get legal counsel. In today's fast paced world, when you have a legal problem, you need help right away. My firm is built on providing high quality counsel in the most efficient way possible. That's why I have options like online scheduling, video meetings, and a client portal so that you can see what is happening with your case within a matter of hours of it happening rather than when you get a bill at the end of the month. Of course, I also have traditional options like in person meetings, scheduling by phone, and paper bills. However, I tailor the process to fit the client, not the other way around.

At my firm, my staff and I are committed to the following principles:

1. Quality Representation - If it is serious enough to get counsel, it is serious enough to get good counsel. I take great pride in my work and want to be the best of the best in what I do. That is why I don't take any case that walks in the door. I only take cases that I feel highly competent in, and I won't shy away from referring you elsewhere if I think it is more appropriate. I want to be a match for my clients not only because it is the ethical thing to do, but because I care for the people I am privileged to advise. I take great pride in doing more continuing education than required and constantly striving to stay up to date on every change in the law so I can provide the best counsel possible.

2. Efficiency - At my firm, you won't see a giant wall of books, file rooms filled with cases that haven't been touched for decades, or giant offices adorned with $20,000 desks. The reason is simple, I don't need them and having them only adds unnecessary overhead that costs the client. Of course, I have legal books, but most of the materials are available with my legal research software and buying physical copies for the sake of having them is silly. Yes, I have files, but I keep most documents in encrypted and secure electronic storage unless there is an actual need to have physical copies. I simply don't believe the client should have to pay for overhead because I don't want to adapt to new technology. And yes, I have office space, but it isn't in downtown Denver because there is no reason to pay for prestigious real estate. I believe that if I represent my clients well, it should not matter what part of town I work from.

3. Affordable Rates -Legal counsel is expensive, and I don't pretend that I can settle your issue for under $100. However, I didn't get into the practice of law because of the money. I want to practice law because I have a passion for helping people and for the law. Everyone is entitled to good counsel, not just the rich. That's why you won't see fees at $300, $400, or $500 per hour. My rate is $190 per hour and, for almost all estate plans, I quote you a flat fee that will tell you right up front how much it will cost. Because I don't practice law in areas I don't know, you'll never be paying for me to learn the subject area.

About Matthew Bradley

Matthew Bradley graduated magna cum laude from Colorado Christian University where he studied Accounting as well as Business Management. After his graduation from CCU, Mr. Bradley went to Notre Dame Law School. During his time in law school, Mr. Bradley worked for the Notre Dame Clinical Law School where he represented clients in the taxation clinic, served as the Executive Managing Editor of the Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy, and interned with Judge David Furman of the Colorado Court of Appeals (Summer 2018) and Judge Damon Leichty of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana (Spring 2020). 

After graduation from law school, Mr. Bradley served as a law clerk to Chief Justice Nathan B. Coats of the Colorado Supreme Court. Mr. Bradley now practices appellate, tax, and probate law in Denver. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Colorado, watching Notre Dame sports, and SCUBA diving. 

 Mr. Bradley is a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association, and practices law in courts across Colorado.

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The Law Office of Mathew Bradley is committed to answering your questions about probate, tax, appellate, and family law issues in Colorado.

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